Sam Butler




Saves for Itself

Programs for resilience and making life better, that save for themselves.

Coop Template

How cooperatives can sustainably fund projects — and a template, to start your own!

Community Energy Vision

An introduction to community energy hubs — postgrowth paradigm, less consumption, better outcomes.

Climate Widget

An embeddable banner, enabling people to connect with climate action anywhere on the Internet.

Community Savings

Building local initiatives through the savings they create, without the need for extractive funding.

Local Futures

Tools to help communities can shape their own local futures. Today.


A model to pay for anything through the future value it creates.

Stuff You Own

A way for people to own the services and infrastructure they use every day.

Gauze Pads for the Ice

If our planet's ice is bleeding out, we probably should stop the bleeding.

Counting Carbon

A fix for carbon offsets: count them.