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Climate Widget

An embeddable banner, that allows people to connect with climate action anywhere on the Internet. (Looking for webistes/blogs that want to pilot it.)


Pick a location, and see nearby transit stations, bikeshares, transit routes, and bike paths — go where you want, car-free. (In development)


An open-source and privacy-respecting alternative to Google Maps, based on Open Street Map data and the OSM api.

Community Savings

An interactive model, showing how we can make transitions and build local initiatives through the savings they create.

Just Start

See events from climate and community groups near you, so you can show up and get engaged.


Place your perspectives, insights, and experiences on a map — and create prompts for community surveys, participatory budgeting, resource maps, and more. (In development)


Imagine the future of your community, and share visions of what your neighborhood could be.

Stories of New Paradigms

Narratives, stories, and media to help us transcend paradigms — and give us visions to work towards.

Solidarity and Resistance

Coordinating international solidarity and agency to support environmental resistance movements and land defenders.


Creating projects and initiatives together, and moving towards new ways of working along the way.

Situation Earth

A global situation room for environmental challenges.

Roum / Mattereum Project

Working with Mattereum (led by Vinay Gupta) and artists on the ground in Europe (Roum) to create the first generation of Mattereum digital assets.

Referral Rock

Led product and design industry-leading referral marketing software, with customers including AT&T, TripAdvisor, and Random House publishing.

Presentation at iAnno

Discussion of the Annotation Commons, what could go wrong, and approaches for sustainable development. Presentation slides

Time to Solve

Building urgent solutions for climate change and the sustainable transition.



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