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The Nondominium model was architected by Chris Cook (University College London), and he’s the person who understands it best. This resource is my effort to ”learn in public” from his work, along with some personal spins.

If you’re interested in discussing this further or have any questions, feel free to reach out to Chris, or myself at

This is a model to fund useful things — from affordable housing, to renewable energy, to improved water + utility infrastructure, to any imaginable thing which provides future value — through the future value they create.

That value can be in the form of future cost savings (like paying for electric bikes and transit through futures savings on gasoline, or paying for local gardens through future savings on fruits and vegetables) — as well as through infrastructure which creates new value (like paying for a community microgrid through the future electricity it creates).

This frees us from equity, debt, loan-based, rent-seeking, and extractive models — enabling us to fund useful new things, while keeping custody of them in our communities.

Here is an interactive experience, to give a sense:

You want for an affordable price of $/month. A for local costs $

energy for$20/month$3,000,0001000homes

How will you fund it?