Sam Butler




Building Back Better
with Community Savings


1. A 1MW grid, capable of powering powers 600+ homes, costs $2.1 million. Calculation for 1000 homes is based on 2MW of power at $4 million.

2. Microgrids save an average of 5% in transmission (and can save as much to 30%), by lowering the distance that electricity travels to your home. Further energy savings can come from lower prices of renewable energy generation — savings are more profound where energy prices are higher today. (Also see: analysis of Rewiring America report)

Create your own Community Savings Program

in pay $ for .

With homes in our community, all together, we spend $2,000,000 per year on energy.

With a , homes in our community could save 40% on energy — as much as $800 in savings per year.

If a community microgrid costs $ per home, every home can save $400 per year and pay back the community microgrid in 12.5 years — giving the project a 2.00% annual rate of return.

And from then on, homes enjoy a full $800 in savings per year with a community microgrid.

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